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Fixed an issue where recorded video is shorter than desired length. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay was more transparent in full screen mode. Fixed controller support for Destiny 2 in GameStream.

Get Anthem with the GeForce RTX Bundle

Added ability to independently control volume of microphone and system sounds. Moved location for customizing the resolution, frame rate and bit rate into Settings. Improved speed in detecting games on your PC. Fixed issue where editing ShadowPlay Highlights video resulted in out-of-sync audio.

Fixed issue where in-game overlay notification appears in Microsoft Visual Studio. Fixed issue where ShadowPlay did not work even though the PC met system requirements. Fixed issue for The Witcher 3 where launching in-game overlay froze the mouse pointer. Fixed issue for Discord where FPS overlay would appear requires driver Fixed issue where installation of Game Ready Driver would not be successful. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that would re-enable the GeForce Experience overlay after exiting certain games. Fixed a bug that prevented saving ShadowPlay Highlights to another hard drive.

Fixed bug to install GeForce Experience with a non-admin Windows user account. Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights videos are overwritten without user consent. Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights saves 3 seconds of video. Added ability to broadcast to Facebook groups.


RTX Triple Threat -paketti | NVIDIA

Added ability to share screenshots to Weibo. Added ability to reset keyboard shortcuts to their default settings. GeForce Experience Client: Added ability to download and install experimental feature updates. Improved game scan time for first-time setup. Reduced video stutter by matching monitor refresh rates of client and server.

Bug Fixes Fixed issue where game assets do not show up if the PC is offline. Fixed DNF game performance drop with in-game overlay enabled requires driver Fixed case where in-game overlay would not be brought up if Instant Replay was on and game resolution was changed.


Addressed various stability, performance, localization and security issues. Improved audio quality for low-pitched sounds for 5. Improved video improvement around video stuttering during GameStream. Client Updates: Added release notes popup after client update. Improved stereo video capture using ShadowPlay.

GeForce Experience

Bug Fixes Addressed various stability, performance and security issues. Fixed controller issue for GameStream for Hollow Knight. Requires driver Streamlined controls for Broadcast and Gallery Upload Consolidated Gallery Upload and Broadcast into one window - removed requirement to select service provider prior to upload screen and added ability to directly log into service provider. Others: Added button to open Windows video folder from within the Gallery. Improved overlay performance at first launch. Fixed case where games running in HDR mode would crash when a screenshot was taken.

Release highlights summary displays upon completion of client self-update.

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Removed User Account Control prompt during self-update for admin users. Improved file cleanup of downloaded GeForce Experience installation files. Game Code Redemption: Added reminder message to complete reward redemption. Added a badge to identify unredeemed rewards. Reduced game banding and better quality on static scenes using Pascal GPUs. Fixed issue with enabling multi-controller support when games are launched through Steam Big Picture. Fixed issue with 2nd controller not functioning for Gang Beasts.

Improved robustness around game launches. Others: Addressed various stability, performance and security improvements. Improved offline mode no internet connection experience. Fixed case where client's full-screen state was not persisting upon re-launch. Related Links. Restrictions on promo codes vary from game to game and promotion to promotion. You usually cannot use them on games less than a month old, virtual currency, subscriptions, game time cards, third-party games, or combined with any other current sale or promotion. Download your purchased games at any time, on any computer, using the Origin client.

Pre-loading means you can download your game before its release date. Unlock, unpack, and install the game early so you can play as soon as possible. I got a message saying my Product Code can't be redeemed through Origin. What should I do?


Check the instructions that came with your code — they should list the URL where you should go to redeem your Product Code. Origin will send you to that URL when possible, but double check the Product Code instructions to make sure you redeem your code in the right place. Read all instructions carefully so you don't miss out! Contact us so we can investigate! After that you can put an AMD card in if you want. Hopefully it never comes to that. I gave one to my brother and another to my friend since I already owned the game.

This is stupid. Very, very stupid. So now I will have to install this hardware in their rig, install the game, and then put it in my own if I want to gift it. What a bunch of tools. If you upgrade your card or change your hardware after that it will still work since it will be tied to your account after it verifies the hardware initially. Looking at my avatar I have Looking at my avatar I have to say that I am enjoying what Nvidia fans have to bare this last year.

Expensive Founders Edition cards, problematic drivers one after the other, AMD cards winning in newer titles, even DX11 ones, and now this. The problem here was those morons getting a card only for the game code. Then selling the game code, while returning the graphics card back to the shop demanding full refund.

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  6. Yep, the problem was people Yep, the problem was people that buy the card and return it without the code with the purpose of reselling it, doing that several times. With AMD you can still trade that key code. With Nvidia the only option you have is give your Uplay or Steam info out. Vega time folks……. You gotta pay to play. Digital download with draconian DRM nonsense you say? No Thank You!

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