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As an additional option, you have Zoomcar Bangalore , if you want to travel on your own. Special offer for Bangalore customers! Sign up at Uber and Get Rs. Coupon valid only 2 times per customer. Applicable for new customers.

Bus And Cab Bookin Offers, Deals & Coupon Codes – ICICI Bank

It is listed as one of the top ten must-visit cities in the world! And yes, the safest city to live in India so all these explains the rush and the bloom of the city. And to make the lives of the people there easier, Uber Cabs launched its services in Chennai too and running successfully round the clock. But sometimes it becomes quite difficult to get an Uber in peak times, in such a situation, you can go for Meru Cabs Chennai instead, there is a facility of booking it through a phone call. Exclusive offer for Chennai Uber customers!

Applicable for Uber new customers. Coupon valid only once per customer. Book Uber cabs and get cab service instantly. Being the fastest growing cities in the Asia Pacific region and the cultural capital of Maharashtra, famous for the research institutes of IT , education, management and training is full of students and professionals from various places all over the world. Youngster zones like Deccan and packed up ones like M.

Take Uber instead and drive your way in your way. Exclusive offer for Pune customers. Sign up at Uber and book a Uber ride and save Rs. Use coupon code before confirming cab service to get the discount. Meru Cabs are there in Kolkata as well, with their unique Meru Cabs coupons that gives high discounts to its customers. Book a cab with one touch on Uber mobile app. Follow steps to get this offer 1 Sign up at Uber 2 Select cab and destination 3 Apply coupon code and book your cab service.

Although Hyderabad is a celebrated place for its world famous biryani and the iconic charminar , it gained a lot of popularity for Biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences , which gathered a lot of student base and tourist base equally. And being crowned as the best city in India to live, the city gained a whole lot of new fame. And when the clock strikes, navigating in that much population is hard.

But Uber is your savior here during the rushy hours in this pearl city. If by any reason Uber misses its chance to provide its services to its users, then you can always turn to Ola Cabs also. Use Ola Cabs Coupons to avail maximum discounts in Hyderabad. Signup at Uber and get Rs. Offer valid for new users. The Queen of Arabian sea, and the host of the Southern Naval command of Indian Navy, Kochi is always packed with tourists, for there are multiple travel offers for wanderlust folks! So get mesmerized by the beauty of Dutch palaces and the brilliant cathedrals and yes, who can miss the famous Kathakali performances of Kochi?

Uber launched its services here as well and the cab service is just a touch away! Exclusive offer for Kochi users. This offer valid only for new customers. Sign up and avail this offer. Checkout best discount offer on cab rides from us and save more. Uber Ahmedabad is now successfully two year old. And the largest city of Gujarat with Sabarmati flowing by it, the place is quite famous for its tourist spots like Gandhi samarak sangrahalay, Kankaria lake, Hutheesing temple.

Book your a Cab on Uber mobile app and get to your doorstep within minutes. Follow this easy steps to get this offer: 1 Download Uber mobile app and sign up 2 Book a cab by using this coupon code and get discount. Offer valid only once per customer. Take a ride with Uber and it will sure shot make your trip easier.

Uber offering discounts on cab rides for Jaipur customers. Apply Uber coupon code before confirming cab service. Cab details will be sent VIA sms to registered mobile number. Use our verified exclusive coupons and save more. Being the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh can be totally called as the hub of the North India. The famous tourists spots like rock garden, Sukhna lake, and the world famous universities like Panjab Universities host a diversity of population.

Uber will guide your trips through there too, being the ultimate transport lifeline! Chandigarh customers can save Rs. Nicknamed as the city of temples and the largest city in the north eastern part of India, Guwahati, located in Assam, is famous for its serene scenic beauties and the divine temples like Kamakhya temple, Umananda temple, that are located around the city. Uber had long back extended its arm towards the north-eastern part too and the tourists, specially are quite happy with the hassle-free medium of travel!

Guwahati customer can get the discount on Uber rides. Sign up and grab this exclusive offer. Use Uber coupon code before confirming cab service. The brilliant beaches and the simple lifestyle, and the extravagant christmas and new year parties make the place extremely rushy, almost all the time. And the tourist attractions like Dudhsagar falls and the cathedrals are simply magnificent.

But worry not, here comes Uber, your savior, guiding you through your trip there this christmas. Goa customers can enjoy free Uber rides. Sign up at Uber and get Rs. Apply Uber promo code before confirming cab service to get a discount. This coupon valid 3 times per user. The south Indian city has a lot of business meetings and events held too, and Uber is your best friend there. Special offer for Coimbatore customers.

Sign up and grab this offer. Indore, is quite famous, as the commercial capital of the state and for its beautiful palaces, and the yummy street food as well. And yes, the beautiful mirror interiored temples, and Rajwada are great tourist attractions.

It attracts a lot of students too, for it hosts both the Indian institutes of technology and management. Get your MP swag on with Uber. Get discounts on Uber rides. Use this coupon code on your first 3 Uber rides and save Rs. Nagpur, most famous for its IT companies and the prestigious universities, is highly rushy. The tourist attractions like Ambazari lake, Sitabuldi fort are always bursting with people. The technology hub had bloomed in the recent times and this time for that business meeting, Take an Uber, navigate your way! Get Rs50 discount on First Uber Cab booking.

Offer valid for new customers. Follow steps to get this offer 1 Sign up at Uber 2 Enter destination and select cab 3 Apply coupon code and confirm. Book now and save money. Lucknow, the largest city in the northern part of India, is fairly complex, what with its forts like Bada Imambara, and busy places like Hazratganj, Rumi Darwaza, state museum, Akbari Darwaza, and the roads are always full and bursting with commuters. And the cuisines of Lucknow, the mouth watering kebabs and tokri chaat allures people like hell.

So, Choose Uber, avoid vexation. Lucknow customer can avail discounts on Uber cab rides. Gurgaon, the tech and financial hub of the northern part of India, is filled with people rushing out for business meetings, startups running behind investors and what not. The kingdom of dreams is highly famous for theatrical shows and the Sultanpur national park is the home of hundreds of species of birds. So yeah, a busy place. And Uber, is the most used cab service there! Avail best discount offer on cab rides. Gurgaon customers can save Rs. Also the Masjids like Taj-ul-masajid which sports beautiful architecture and there are numerous Jain sculptures too.

Sign up at Uber and save Rs. Coupon valid only 3 times per customer. Uber is the best way to go! Best Uber offer for Vadodara customers. Apply this Uber coupon code before confirming cab service. Surat, the diamond city, is the financial city of Gujarat. And the city is growing fast, with 2. Many business and cultural events are organized there regularly and well, now we know why Uber is so famous there! Surat customers can get free Uber rides by using our coupon codes.

Just apply this coupon code on your ride and get discount. Situated on the southern banks of the river Ganga, the city is the oldest continuously inhabited places of India. It is not easy to travel in Bihar, with traffic and the city being so huge and all. And catching a bus? Forget it. The public transportation is always bursting, with people left, right and centre! And then there is a continuous tourist flow too, because of the Buddha smriti park, and the northern part is mostly full of tourists. No worries!

Here is a special offer for Patna customers. Book Uber cabs and reach your destination within time effortlessly. Commutating there is kind of hard, with bursting population. Uber launched its services there.

Your ride, a click away. Visakhapatnam can grab discounts on cab rides. Just apply this Uber discount coupon before confirming your cab service. The city is famous for the Kanakadurga Temple and the legend of Goddess Durga. The undavalli caves that are located at the out skirts are really beautiful, and it should be on the top of the bucket list whenever you plan to visit Vijayawada. Exclusive offer for Vijayawada users. Just apply this Uber Free Ride coupon code before confirming cab service to get the discount.

Checkout out more special discount coupons on cab rides. Not public transport, definitely. Your Uber is ready! Kanpur customers can get free Uber rides by using our verified coupons. Sign up and book your rides by apply this Uber coupon code to grab the discount. Early morning metros and the hassles are common for Thane guys.

The mumbai metropolitan city, is always so busy. So there are always people running around their errands in the city, and tourists clicking away rapidly. Join them. Get your Uber, that too, at low fares. Here is a special offer for Thane users. Just apply this Uber Promo Code before confirming cab service. There are several tourist places too, like Mohan Nagar temple, Ram manohar lohia park, Indira Priyadarshini lake and more. The city also hosts Uber now. And yes, in a budget friendly way. You can book your Uber and take your way there, with no frustration!

Ghaziabad customers can grab discounts on Uber rides. Flat Rs. This offer valid only for new users. Ludhiana, the city of punjab, is basically filled with students, left, right and centre. And well, who wants to be late to a seminar. Get on your Uber and Slay! Sign up at Uber and grab Rs. Apply Uber promo code before confirming cab service.

The Mughal empire had left its essence all over the place and the best thing that you could do there is book a cab with your Uber app and go carefree! Get a cab with one click on Uber mobile app. This offer valid only for Agra customers. When a request comes in, you either accept or reject it. If you accept it, you follow the turn-by-turn directions to the passenger, then press a button and it will inform the rider of your arrival. When they get in the car, you begin the trip and then end it when you arrive. Uber is pretty good about supporting drivers, but they only provide an email to contact support.

There is no phone number, which can get very frustrating. But with big issues, they are usually always very responsive and will get in touch right away when something goes wrong! This portal is where you will sign in to accept rides and will be able to view vehicle information, trip history, earnings, and your own Uber driver promo code. Hourly guarantees are a promotion currently available to active Uber drivers. This promotion guarantees existing drivers who meet predetermined requirements will earn a set amount of money within a certain timeframe.

Drivers who meet these requirements but earn below the guarantee amount will be compensated the difference by Uber. Background checks for new Uber drivers take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Usually, results are received in two days, but be patient if they are not; they will come before you know it. Yes, Uber drivers can drive for other rideshare services like Lyft or Juno.

Running two separate apps at the same time can decrease downtime and increase earnings. I flipped Lyft on, and Prime Time was on. I doubled my rate for the trips that I normally would have gotten normal pricing for. Not a bad way to do it if you ask me. Helpful Tip — If you have Uber and Lyft running at the same time, make sure to have Uber open on your phone screen and Lyft running in the background. As of this writing, Lyft does not close automatically.

Yes, as long as the person driving your car is on the same insurance policy as you and have their own Uber account. For example, if a husband and wife share a car and want to both drive for UberX, they can sign up for their own accounts and use that car, as long as they are both listed on the insurance policy and vehicle paperwork. According to Uber, no. There is a lot of confusion surrounding if Uber passengers should tip their drivers.

Their website states:. The Uber experience means not having to reach for a wallet at the end of a ride. As a result, we message to riders that tipping is not required — we never want riders to feel obligated to pay extra at the end of Uber trips. If a rider offers a tip, please remind that them that tipping is not necessary with Uber.

New riders may not know that there is no tip with Uber and could feel cheated if they later learn that tipping was not required. However, if the rider still insists, you can accept the tip. My take on tipping: Screw that. If a person wants to be nice and give me a tip, then so be it—I am not going to say no. However, I agree that drivers should not pressure riders into tipping. I have had that happen and it is actually pretty uncomfortable. But as I said, I am going to tell somebody no if they pull out a few bucks from their wallet and hand it to me.

They will initially tell you there is nothing they can do, but then will adjust it shortly after. Forgetting to start a trip looks very bad on the driver though, so avoid this whenever possible. But it happens, so when it does just reach out to your local team and let them know the situation. Yes, after every ride Uber drivers can rate customers. This is a way for drivers to balance the scales, and let corporate and other drivers know about problem-prone passengers. After every ride, a 5-star rating page pops up. You can rate the passenger between one and five stars and say something about the trip.

Was a passenger nice, courteous, and fun to be around? Rate them 5 stars! Were they rude, obnoxious, or disrespectful of your property? Uber drivers wear clothing that is all across the board. An UberX driver will wear casual clothes while driving their own car, while an UberBLACK driver will wear a suit and tie while driving their luxury car. The dress code will be outlined in the driver requirements and training videos when you sign up to drive.

In short, though, Uber drivers DO get taxed and will receive a W-2 at the end of the year that details how much they made, miles driven, etc. Luckily, you can usually deduct expenses like gas, maintenance, and miles driven when you itemize your taxes. For more tax information, talk to an accountant or tax professional.

Deal: $50 Uber Gift Card for $45 w/ Code – 12/29/17

The best phone case for drivers to check out is the Kenu Airframe. It is built with the most durable materials that will let you rest assured that it will not break after a few uses. Seriously, this thing is awesome. Like any job, Uber has strict requirements that applicants must qualify for to apply. These include license and insurance stipulations, as well as a few other requirements that are specific to the type of Uber you want to drive. Remember, driving passengers is a big liability and carries serious responsibility. The right skills, knowledge, and training are key to success. The car requirements for Uber will depend on what city in which you apply.

Drivers also need to make sure their cars are in good working order and that all the safety features work. This includes headlights, seatbelts, doors, windows, and anything else that will make your riders safe and comfortable. Drivers will also need to be at least 21 years old, able to pass a mandatory background check, and have a license, registration, and an insurance policy in their own name. In some cases, this means you need a CDL or other professional driving license. As for insurance, Uber requires UberX drivers to have a coverage policy that covers both the driver and riders if something is to happen.

Minimum coverage requirements and insurance types are set by the state and DMV. Make sure to learn more about insurance requirements once you choose your driving path. Thanks for taking the time to read. We are not a direct extension of the companies mentioned, and we may get an affiliate commission for the people we refer to the brands listed on this site. Claim Yours Now. Search Subscribe. Use code at signup to claim massive sign-on bonus for new drivers.

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